Celebrating 6 Years of Happy Pique - Happy Pique

Celebrating 6 Years of Happy Pique

It's been 6 crazy years of just doing what we love❣❣❣
Happy Pique's anniversary is on July 22. Happy Pique has crossed so many paths and levels all these years. From being PIQUE to HAPPY PIQUE was a tremendous change for us and HAPPY PIQUE was renamed and rebranded on JULY 22!
We have something exciting and very new, an offer which we have not given till date! FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE🤩
Even though this may sound simple, this is something beyond our limits as we have changed all our pricing policies just for you!!!
Our last offer, 50% discount was a huge hit and really helped us swim through this pandemic. As Happy Pique is my only source of income, each and every penny from this business means a lot and helped us a lot!!!
After our 50% discounted sale, we changed our pricing and have tried to fix "the best" prices for our products.
👆 This is our biggest change we did this year as a gesture to say A BIG THANK YOU to all of our beloved customers.
⚠We have never increased our prices and decreased it for the sake of sale. No! Not anytime!! We have been very honest and transparent all the time. And it's just because we love you and we love what we do🤗
Coming to our anniversary offer, all our customers within India and outside India can purchase any number of products, for any amount and avail FREE SHIPPING!!!! Don't forget to use our coupon code HAPPY6 ☺☺☺
You guys have been nothing short of amazing to us since the beginning. I did not know how to use social media, how to click pictures or anything related to business when I started Happy Pique. Your constant support and motivation has driven me till here🥰
This is a small gesture from me and my family as a thank you note for all of you.
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