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How to maintain your block printed sarees and why you should

Maintaining our most loved sarees is a serious task. At least for those who treasure sarees like it's our biggest asset!

Hand-block printed clothes are priced higher than our usual screen printed clothes. The reason is in the name itself. HAND BLOCK PRINTED. They are not machine made and they are crafted with full of love and passion. It's purely hand-made and man-made from the scratch.

Handloom and hand-block printed clothes should be given extra care as the process involved in making them is entirely different as well as painstaking when compared to our normal daily wear clothes.

Openly speaking, hand-block printed sarees, handloom sarees are not for those who easily machine wash clothes and doesn't want to spend some extra time taking care of them. 

One of the things I personally learnt last year is learning how to maintain my favourite hand-block printed sarees that I preserved for myself from Happy Pique's saree stock :D

I thought I'll share with you all what I did and how I preserve my hand-block printed sarees and fabrics.

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Is it that important to know about maintaining block printed clothes? Yes, because you have invested your hard earned money in it!

1. Block printed clothes are sure to bleed in the first few washes. So, wash these clothes separately for the initial washes

2. DO NOT MACHINE WASH these clothes. As this can muddle our laundry and lead to quick colour fading

3. To check for colour overspill, hand-wash in isolation

4. Try to wash them mostly in cold water

5. Adding salt to water helps in maintaining the colour of the fabric

6. Don't leave pile of wet clothes unattended for a long time. Dry them immediately

7. Do not pile up two different wet block printed clothes. It will result in gaining colours from other clothes

8. Dry hand-block printed clothes only in shade. As drying them under direct sunlight will lead to colour fading and shrinkage

9. Iron the hand-block printed clothes inside-out

10. If you have hand-block printed clothes in expensive yarns like silk, preferring dry-clean is the best option

This may seem to be time taking and an elaborate task, but giving them the extra essential care will help you own your favourite clothes for a very long time.

Follow these steps and I am sure your fabric will love you forever!

Share your thoughts, feedback, your personal experience in owning hand-block printed clothes and maintaining them :) 


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