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Wedding Series - Engagement - #HowIStyledIt

Hi all!

This rainy season, I wanted to leisurely sit and write about my complete wedding experience, sipping my favourite cup of chai and share our story, here with you all. I will also be talking about the jewellery I wore from Happy Pique.

This blog post series is also dedicated to all my customers and readers who messaged me asking to share my wedding pictures and wedding jewellery.

Ours is a love marriage. A Hindu - Christian marriage. I have known Nishan, my husband now, for more than 5 years and the journey with him till date is memorable.

How we met ?

We studied in the same college and got committed in the final year. I am spoilt with love, affection and kindness till date. After we came into each other’s lives, we spent our college days with so much joy. We would bunk classes, go to movies, malls, beaches and find some reason to tell to our parents why we were reaching home late. We mostly spent our days with our close friends rather than spending alone and we actually enjoyed it. That's how we spent our love life.

After College

After college, we both joined corporate jobs. Spending time outside became little less, because we were in the same office :'D. I am kind of a reserved personality. I usually don't find my type of people easily. I grew up in a very small circle, and I am not a very social person. I usually fear people might judge me for my traditional style of dressing, the way I speak and I worry that I may say something wrong. Whatever I have mentioned is very little. Millions of thoughts run through me and make me a reserved person. Even today, if I would like to post something on my business handle, I get nervous. I keep wondering how people pose to photographs so well on Instagram, how do they write captions so well. Many of my customers have asked me to do modelling for my products, however so far I haven't gained confidence to do that.


I started Happy Pique when I joined my job. It was formerly called Pique. I really didn't know much about social media. I didn't know how to use Instagram properly. All I knew was just click pictures, post it on my page and reply to any comments and queries. Slowly my business started to grow in the second year. My first year was completely a learning period. I gained little knowledge and understood how to take better pictures only after a year of starting my business. Gradually I didn't want to continue my corporate job since it didn't suit me, and I wanted to completely concentrate on my baby business. So I left my job and started taking care of Happy Pique full time. 

Through this journey- joining a job, starting a business, leaving my job, my husband was there. He supported my actions, encouraged and motivated me to do my best. Without him, I would not be here writing all this. My initial investment for my business was given by him and I really can't thank him enough for that.

How did the marriage talks begin ?

So, how did the marriage talks begin? I was the one to talk about our love to my father first. He tried to advise me against it, but he knew that was all waste. I don’t mean that we shouldn't listen to our fathers advice, but I knew my relationship wouldn’t spoil my life. Nishan is a person who considers my parents as his parents. I had so much confidence that I could make they accept our relationship. I also spoke to my mom. Initially both my parents did no agree to this at all because of a difference in religion. I am Hindu Brahmin and Nishan is a Christian.


One fine day he called and spoke to my father about our relationship, but my father didn't accept it and even spoke a little rudely. However Nishan did not mind all that. He was waiting for another chance to talk to my father, after he had cooled down. A few months passed and then came our graduation day. My father and Nishan spoke, and everything went well! In fact, my father himself called Nishan to our house. I guess my parents had accepted him in their minds, after that, but their biggest fear was the different religions and how would the marriage happen. There were so many crying sessions between my mom and I, and a lot of advice was given. Their biggest concern was that I should live happily. We do not eat non-veg. I haven't even seen raw meat before marriage. However at my husband's place they eat a lot of meat and that one point was stressing my parents.

Nishan is 2 years elder to me and his father was asking him to get married and he started looking for girls to get him married. Since his parents seemed to be getting serious, he first came to our house and spoke about our relationship, gave promises to my parents, cleared all their doubts and we finally heard the word!! Okay!


So, now our relationship was officially accepted by our parents. Here starts the main story.

We were all worried about Nishan's father. We didn't even have a clue as to how he would react. After a week, in a Sunday afternoon, he opened up about us to his father, and guess what! He was fine and he accepted it!!! What else could we want? His parents were okay and accepted our relationship and on the same day we had the ponnu paakra function. This was not at all expected and it was a very pleasant surprise to all of us! All the questions were answered and all the doubts were cleared between our parents. Our engagement was fixed in a week. On February 24, 2019, our parents spoke and we got engaged on March 3, 2019. Everything got fixed and finished in a blink. I'll share the pictures of my engagement and explain about the jewellery worn by me from Happy Pique.



This is the saree I wore before our engagement. I wanted to wear something simple but grand. I chose my favourite silk saree that I had bought for my cousin sister's wedding from SSK Handlooms, Kanchipuram. My cousin sister and I usually let our brother choose our jewellery for any function, because he does a better job than us.

The one thing I liked and loved is, the hip chain I am wearing, which is actually a beautiful haaram from Happy Pique. It looked so gorgeous and so many people complimented. It looked simple and neat on the waist.

 I am a person who does not love so much jewellery on me so I wanted to keep my neck area jewellery simple and neat. The haaram chosen was simple and elegant one and the necklace was chosen with heavier work.


To shop this look:

HaaramMatte Finish Floral Design Mid Length Necklace

Necklace: Status - Sold

Haaram worn as hip chainLong Traditional Matte Finish Chakra Haaram




The hairstyle also, I wanted to keep it simple. I did my usual hair style and attached jowri/hair extension for extra length. I chose to go for artificial flowers. I became a big fan of the malli poo and the golden malli that we sell on Happy Pique. So, I decided to definitely use those two for my hairdo. My aunt and my sister wanted me to keep the jada billas for my engagement since they loved it so much. I did not have any make up artist or hair stylist for my engagement. One of my closest friends helped me with the make up and my aunt did my hair and my sister helped with saree draping. To shop the flowers, click the links below:


Malli PooBridal Hair Bun Artificial Flower Accessory - Malli Poo

Golden Malli: Status - Sold (Will be restocked soon. You can get in touch with us through WhatsApp +91- 7338933580 for further updates and queries.)

Jada BillasJada Billas




The beautiful simple and elegant blouse work was done by Athreya Blouses located in Vallur Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai. 

You can check out their Facebook page for more details: 

Athreya Blouses

They have two branches. One in Adyar and one in Nungambakkam.


I did not want to overdo the bangles, and there wasn't much time also to prepare as everything got fixed in a blink. I chose to go with a pair of Ganesha bangles and a pair of slightly thicker Mahalakshmi bangles. The Ganesha bangles were chosen with a bit of sentimental touch as this is the first and next big step in the next stage of my life and the Mahalakshmi bangles for prosperity. I filled the middle part with the antique gold thread bangles i purchased long back at Pondy Bazaar.

To purchase the bangles,

Ganesha BanglesAntique Gold Narthana Ganesha Floral Bangles

Mahalakshmi BanglesMatte Finish Mahalakshmi Heavy Design Bangles

I took time and wanted my Mehendi to look good and went to Shobi Mehendi Design. She did a very good job. The pricing was bit expensive to me. She managed very well even with a  small baby. You can contact her through her Instagram page: Shobi Bridal Studio




This is the saree I wore for my engagement function. The engagement saree is bought by the groom's side family. Ladies from both the families went and purchased this saree. After trying on so many sarees, this dark green piece with such an unusual border captured our hearts. Even this saree we chose because it had minimal work but had a grand look. The pink blouse combination complimented the saree so well. 

This saree was from Pothy's, T.Nagar, Chennai.

For the blouse work, I gave it to a near by tailor as I was left only with 2 days.

I did not change the jewellery or hair do. Shobi Mehendi did a very good work on my feet also. I loved how my feet looked with the mehendi and anklets. This is also one of my favourite pictures.



So, for the bangles, I went with stone studded bangles for the corners and silk thread antique gold bangles. My brother purchased these bangles from T.Nagar (I don't know from where). He tried to match the colours of the bangles with the colours of the saree. I guess he did a great job. This is the still where we exchanged our rings and got engaged! 

All the photographs shared here are clicked by Star Studios, Ambattur. They did such an amazing job at the best price you can imagine!

That's all folks! That's how we got into a relationship, convinced our parents and got engaged! I hope you enjoyed reading this series.

I'll be talking about my reception and wedding experience very soon. I am also planning to do a post on what my family wore. What do you think?

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