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Types of Indian Handloom Sarees You Should Try

India is very fond of Sarees, It is the traditional attire for 90% of the culture. Before modernisation Indian handloom sarees were available in the best quality and Hugh numbers. But with weaving machines starting spinning around, hand weaving became a slow process and lost its beauty. But, We bet if you try the Indian handloom sarees, you will surely fall in love with those.

Why Indian Handloom sarees?

  1. While Machines can spin so fast, yet detailing and customization can be seen much in handloom sarees
  2. India being the home for sarees, No country can produce a better version of these Indian handloom sarees
  3. Handloom sarees will surely have extra life than machine weaved sarees
  4. Valuable effort of a weaver taking days to design and bring it to life

Types of Indian Handloom sarees to try

  1. Khadi Cotton Sarees

As the name goes, they are made of cotton with a little mixture of silk or wool, which is spun into yarn with chakra. They keep you cool through summer and warm in winters.

khadi cotton sarees indian handloom sarees
  1. Chettinad Cotton Sarees

It is the purest form of Indian Handloom sarees. It is authentic cotton sarees with the exact look of a silk weave giving it an Inspiration of Chettinad look. It has some delicate designs making it harder to weave but an eye-catching saree for sure.

chettinad cotton sarees Indian handloom sarees
  1. Patchwork Sarees

Patchwork cotton saree is meticulously created with care and love. These sarees are handmade from the finest handloom cotton, and the patchwork is done with pure cotton fabrics and kalamkari cotton fabrics. These patchwork sarees have their sense of fashion and class in Indian Handloom sarees.

patchwork sarees Indian handloom sarees
  1. Hand block printed sarees

This kind of sarees has designs made with templates or even raw designs with different objects like hand, cotton, various solids. This practice gives this kind of saree a twist and hence it looks unique on draping it.

handblock printed sarees indian handloom sarees


  1. Gamcha Sarees / Gamucha Sarees

Gamucha has traditionally been used as a scarf by men in Orissa. Gamucha, also known as gamcha, is most usually found with red, orange, or green check and striped designs. It is typically created in red in western locations and is plain like fabric. Gamucha is thicker in southern India and comes in a variety of colours, it is the most colourful set in Indian Handloom sarees.

gamcha sarees indian handloom sarees
  1. Khesh Cotton Sarees

Khesh Cotton is woven mostly with a new set of warps that are either cotton or a silk-cotton blend. Thread insertions are made from recycled cotton sarees. The artists take old cotton sarees from various sources and cut them using a process that they have developed, yielding many strips from a single saree. These cloth strips are then woven into a fresh set of warps to create the fabric known as khesh. There are two varieties of sarees: one that is entirely woven and is plain khesh, and the other that has the design patched because it is incredibly difficult to produce that design by weaving. It is one of the toughest to create in Indian Handloom sarees and hence has its legacy on it.


You may be a modern dress lover or saree lover, but always remember the past of how weaving started. With such a little idea, try out these Indian Handloom sarees and we assure you will never regret the decision you took so.

We hope you loved our article on types of Indian sarees, do drop us your valuable comment, It will give your thoughts on the sarees and help us expand the search for more designs and varieties.

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