NIRMITH - The outcome of my passion - Happy Pique

NIRMITH - The outcome of my passion

Nirmith, a collection of hand strung jewellery made at Happy Pique with so much love and passion was started and released on our official website on 10.12.2018 with high hopes. As we always say, our customers won't let us down and have always supported us at each and every stage of Happy Pique. We at Happy Pique always wanted to give our customers something new and unique all the time at the best price and quality. We wanted to give something unique and hand made in the way of saying "THANKS" to you! This post will have have more of "I" since, this post is about how I felt and how I started making jewellery.


I (Akshaya) started learning more on kemp jewellery, as we received more requests on customised kemp jewellery and side by side learned jewellery making on my own. 

You can start learning anything you want at any point of your life! We have the biggest resource call "internet". It is the best man made resource I'll say. 

I started learning the art of jewellery making by watching so many YouTube videos and started learning more about each type of beads and jewellery making materials. I felt satisfied and more happier when I could deliver and give my customers something made from my own hand. When people started liking the products that I made and started buying it, I felt like I have achieved an Oscar! Because, I started this with mixed feelings like, will people like the designs I make ?, will they buy it ?, will my jewellery be accepted ? and may more thoughts. 

I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in. 

If you wish to learn any skill or anything for that matter, do it right now. Do it today. There's no tomorrow. I promise, you'll feel more satisfied. I released my first hand strung jewellery on Instagram on 10.12.2018 officially. I had a poll asking whether my customers like my design or not on my story. I received equal votes for both. Each time I received a "no", I kept saying to myself not to lose hope and know the reason why they don't like it and rectify my mistakes. I personally messaged my customers on this. Each customer shared their views and thoughts and the reason why they voted "no".  I felt more happier when they patiently replied me and shared their thoughts with me. I felt more responsible. I wanted to give them more! 

This is the first necklace I made to sell on my site.

I posted this for people who said "yes" and wanted to buy this piece. This necklace sold like hot cakes and received more International orders. I could not ask for more! I started making more designs based on the requests received and currently working on some unique designs and I am experimenting more with various types of beads. People started liking my hand strung jewellery and started purchasing more of them and loved them equally as they loved our readymade jewellery collection.



I usually make maximum of 3 necklaces per day. Since Happy Pique deals with readymade jewellery, clothing and hand strung jewellery and I am the single person who does all the work behind Happy Pique, I find no time to make more than 3.


One of our lovely and a happy customer sporting our Floral Kemp 3 Layer Necklace from our Nirmith collection

We accept customised orders for our Nirmith collection. Please write to us at if you wish to place a customised order or bulk order. 

Do let us know your feedback and thoughts by commenting below. Each of your comment and feedback will encourage and motivate us to do more. 

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