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Wear Saree This Summer | Breezy Chettinad Cotton Sarees

Hey guys!

Summer is here, so I thought I could write about the classic handwoven Chettinad cotton sarees that are perfect for this season. 

Chettinad cotton sarees are totally recommended for all seasons of the year, but it'll just be perfect for a sunny day as it's crispy starched texture keep you look fresh even on a long tiring day.

Chettinad cotton sarees comes from the beautiful land of vibrant colours, handcrafted tiles, majestic architectural mansions, delicious foods and a heaven of sarees. The architectural detailing of buildings is a treat to our eyes. Chettinad is a small town in southern Tamil Nadu in south India and it is well known for its exclusive creation of sarees. 



One of the local crafts of this place is the Chettinad cotton sarees, that is also known as Kandaangi sarees, is unique in the dramatic and spontaneous use of colour and pattern with bold checks, stripes and contrasting hues. Its vibrancy and weight are its distinguishing factors. Chettinad sarees are basically made of cotton. The sarees have proved of being a prized possession of every South Indian woman. 



All our Chettinad cotton sarees are woven with 80s cotton warp and 80s cotton weft for a smoother and finer texture. The Chettinad sarees are designed by incorporating checks of vivid colours. The traditional Chettinad sarees are found in mustard, brick red and black colours. These sarees are more popular because of their unique qualities like colour and authenticity.



How to identify original Chettinad sarees?

  • Small strips in different colour at the joining of the borders in warp way on both sides
  • Simple extra warp designs
  • Texture of the saree is comparatively thicker
  • The designs on the sarees will mostly be check patterns and broad stripes
  • Pallu with simple patterns and are mostly in stripes
  • Body of the saree do not have extra weft designs.


What's special about our Chettinad sarees ? 

All the designs inspired from pure silk and made in pure cotton. Each and every saree is perfectly handcrafted hand-weaved, which takes lot of time and effort to make the delegate designs over the body and pallu.

The Chettinad cotton sarees are quite versatile as they can be worn comfortably for office or on a daily basis as well as for formal occasions or parties. Depending on climatic conditions, whether its humid or cold, absorbency and breathability is the perfect tag for this saree. Thats the reason why we call our Chettinad sarees as breezy Chettinad cotton sarees. 

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