What is Happy Pique's Loyalty Program?

What is Happy Pique's Loyalty Program?


Happy Pique, over the years, has understood that it takes more than just serving customers to maintain a holistic relationship. With that realization, Happy Pique brings to you -  Happy Pique's Loyalty points- an exclusive loyalty program for our frequent customers. But, don’t overlook the potential of Happy Pique's Loyalty points, when you can avail benefits according to your purchase. 

Happy Pique Loyalty Points Explained 

Our LPs are specifically created for customers who are loving our products but also for customers who wish to become one. 

Happy Pique LP has a well built the loyalty program to make their customers enjoy their shopping.

Our Uniqueness -  This program presents its customers to earn LPs and redeem on purchase values accordingly. 

Ways to earn Happy Pique's Loyalty Point:

For different actions that customers conduct within our website, customers will earn LPs based on that. 

  1. Sign up with Happy Pique to earn 250 Happy Pique LPs.
  2. Place an order on our website and you earn 10 Happy Pique LPs for every ₹ 1 you spend. 
  3. Visit our Store once a week to see our new collections and earn 50 Happy Pique LPs. Only 50 points per week

Ways to Redeem discounts:

Your precious Happy Pique Loyalty points will be of no good if you are not the smart customer. With the LPs you earn, you can use it to redeem in-purchase offers or other discounts associated with ordering our products. Let’s take a look into how to redeem. 

  1. Use 1000 Happy Pique LPs to avail a ₹10 off coupon, 2500 LPs for ₹25 and 5000 LPs for ₹50 and don’t forget to use this coupon!!
  2. If you are a patient customer who has earned up to 10000 Happy Pique LPs, Enjoy a Discount of ₹100 on your total order value.
  3. Lastly, you get ₹250 off on your order if you spend 25000 Happy Pique LPs. 


As said before, our Loyalty program is an act to honour our faithful customers who have been journeying with us and helping us build our community. We also thank our customers who have been supportive and understanding and being with us for long time.

We hope to bring you new and better rewarding programs to keep you privileged to travel with us and choose our Artificial Jewellery store and we would love to show you our latest collections here, start your LPs hunt today!

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