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(ALERT!!!) Common Artificial Jewelry Mistakes to Avoid

Jewelry is a precious asset that we buy with giving much attention to each detail. But if we are careless with its usage or maintenance or even selection, it may be worthless to the money we spend on them. To avoid making these jewelry mistakes, we have compiled and given you the most common silly mistakes people do with their artificial jewelry.

1.Not knowing the Materials Used in Your Jewel

While purchasing artificial jewelry, we always see the designs and patterns and miss out on the material with which it is made. While some sellers mention it clearly in their descriptions, you must check It.

Appearances are mostly deceptive, the most common of jewelry mistakes is thinking a certain jewel to be of particular metal as it may be golden or silver colour. It can be brass, copper or nickel-based jewel with colour polish over it. Sometimes those materials may be allergic to you and even brass or nickel jewels wear out quickly. So it is always a must to see the material of your jewel before you buy it.

2.Not Storing Your Jewellery Appropriately

The most repeated of the jewelry mistakes would be the storing way. You would have searched a lot and chosen your artificial jewelry, but if you are lethargic on their proper storage, be ready to spend more to buy a new one soon.

storing jewelry mistakes

Every material on earth tends to tarnish with time, so does your jewel. Depending on its material it can be a slow process or a quick one. If not stored properly, your imitation jewel will react to moisture and oxidation can result in colour change, even its exposure to air can make it dusty and create layers over the material making it lose its shine.

So it is always best to store your artificial jewelry in a dedicated jewel box wrapped up with a cloth and free from external air or humidity

3.Wearing Your Jewellery While Swimming or Showering

Exposing your jewel for a long time underwater may be the biggest of jewelry mistakes you can do. If you are wearing your jewel while showering, your shampoo or soaps may form a residual layer over the jewel. It can slowly damage it, so if you are frequently wearing certain jewels to shower, do clean it once a week to avoid layers over it.

If you have jewels on while swimming, the chlorine in the water will surely degrade the quality and weaken the link bonds or gum used and further, it will cause colour changes and erode welded parts and you will surely not want any of these to happen. So keep it off shower or swimming.

swimming jewelry mistakes

4.Not Cleaning Your Jewellery

Cleaning is a very needed process to maintain the shine and quality of any jewel. Various cleaning methods are flaunted over the internet but following some unruly methods may be harsh or abrasive for your jewel. So It is necessary to know if your jewel will be perfect with your cleaning method.  Artificial jewelry mistakes are always easy to avoid with proper knowledge over it, so be informed on it with our newsletter.

Not cleaning your jewelry for a long time is also a mistake as there may be layers of dust, microorganisms or even the metals reacting with the atmosphere, all these would be an allergen or may trigger infections that are not recommendable. So it is always best to clean your artificial jewel frequently according to your usage.


When you love to purchase various jewels, you may not be noticing all these mistakes you may make, we hope this gives you a little knowledge on it.

These are just a tip of an iceberg on the jewelry mistakes we make with our favourite artificial jewelry. There are a lot more mistakes and we will soon give you those out on new blog of us, But remember these while you purchase and have your jewel and keep wearing your lovely artificial jewels.

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