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Box of Happiness Delivered

It all started from the first box our parents bought us during our childhood. At this moment I wish you remember one of the colourful box you enjoyed opening in your school days.

And then we developed some desires of collecting jewels in our adolescent age, and it was the time our mothers had a jewellery box and we were excited to open that every single time. Occasion were the time we enjoyed opening the jewellery box to enhance our traditions. Later we had our own box for jewels and I could sense that smile when you open the box for wearing.

Now we wish to deliver such a HAPPINESS TO YOU.




Haven’t you opened the Box of Happiness?? We are waiting to deliver you that Happiness. And we know you are waiting for that moment. Aren’t you excited???

We use recycled card boards that are Eco-Friendly and it harms no one, and we are proud that we don’t contribute any pollution to Mother Nature. We also wrap Sarees in the paper boxes that customers enjoy.

We pack with love at the first place.

We had customers who complimented our packaging styles,

“ I am so excited to receive Happy Pique products, you deliver love. I love their packaging and I smiled at once I opened the box. Thank you so much for making me smile. I wish you guys all the good endeavours “

We show gratitude to all those who compliments our products.

We are proud that we deliver happiness and love.

The moment you open our boxes, Let all the happiness and love we packed embrace you tight and stay forever. We wish to capture that moment our happiness fills you.


We are collecting your smiles on our happiness we deliver. Kindly share your smiles !!


Happy YOU :)

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