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Coming Soon...


Hello all!

We told you something interesting is coming real soon for you. Interested in knowing what it is?

Okay, before we tell what we are bringing into Happy Pique we would like to talk something about the product we are bringing in.

COVID-19 has hit so many businesses and craftsmen all over the world.This initiative we have taken is to support a community of small local artisans from Odisha.

Happy Pique, like always is waiting to bring in more and more beautiful handmade products to our customers. We know the hard work and effort that is behind these beautiful products that we are going to bring in for you all.

We are more than happy that we could help these lovely community of local artisans with a good order during tough times like this. These local community of tribal people have magic in their hands to make you look adorably beautiful. We promise you on this.

Okay, these are beautiful handmade jewellery made by a community of local artisans from Odisha. They are so simple but will give you the best elegant, tribal, bohemian looks with proper styling.

These jewellery have a rustic and antique finish which makes them unique and appealing. 

Any guesses on what we are bringing in for you? Keep your guesses coming in the comments section below :D

But don't forget to watch this space for more information and updates on this :)

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An excellent guess!

Akshaya K


Gayathri Prabakaran

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