How to Polish Artificial Jewellery at Home

Artificial jewelleries are extremely Unique, Vibrant and awesome looking, However, keeping it so can be a tedious task. Imitation jewellery can’t sustain wear and tear like other precious jewels. It tarnishes with exposure to various environmental factors like water, air and even creams and lotions. In such a case, learning the simple hacks on how to polish artificial jewellery at home will be the secret ingredient so that they continue to be beautiful for as long as elongate its life till your love for it ends.

Certain things to remember is your Imitation jewellery may get damaged if wrong methods of cleaning or polishing is made over it. Some cleaning products may be too harsh or abrasive over your jewels. 

What to do now? We are here to help you preserve your lovely earrings, elegant chains with our hacks in this Guide

5 Proven hacks on How to polish artificial jewellery at home

1. Have a Simple Cleaning Solution

Jewels are delicate, whether gold or imitation jewels, so simple solutions will help to keep a watch on their quality. Soak your jewellery in mild warm water with a few drops of mild pH soap of natural ingredients. 

If you have oxidised jewellery a bit of Lemon juice may make wonders giving it a high shine, even a bit of white vinegar could be used to clean up the jewel.

Check the temperature of the water before you soak in and remember not to soak for too long, it may cause different chemical reactions. After Removing off the solutions, wipe it clean with a dry cloth and ensure it is residue-free and no vinegar or lemon is left on. While thinking on how to polish artificial jewellery at home, this method is the easiest.

2.Toothpaste Cleans Jewels too!

Take a new baby toothbrush and a dry tissue or paper cloth, Use the baby toothbrush to scrub off the dust or to remove any dirt from the imitation jewel and slowly pat over the paper/tissue. This will help to free of dust, while not damaging the jewels. Take a little Baby toothpaste and brush over all the layers and after minutes, wash it underwater, wipe it with a clean towel and dry it well.


You can use soft Q-tip buds instead of a toothbrush as it will be sharper and help you clean sludge in the minute gaps better

3.E-Jewellery Cleaners 

Sometimes you may be confused on how to polish artificial jewellery at home. Such times, You can simply purchase polish for both gold or silver objects on E-commerce platforms. Keep in thoughts that a few normal jewellery cleaners, typically meant for cleaning, are too harsh to apply on custom pieces. Simply soak the piece of jewellery in the polish for not more than 30 seconds, then take it away and wipe it lightly to avoid scraping or bruising the jewellery.

4.Aluminium Helps to Illuminate 

Cover a plate with a sheet of aluminium foil (Note: shiny side up). Keep all of your darkened costume jewellery on the foil. Mix a tablespoon of salt with one tablespoon of baking soda and mix with one cup of warm water. Pour into the dish. The mixture will create a chemical reaction with the foil and bubble as it cleans the jewellery. Rinse with cool water and dry it off a clean cloth.

5.Enamel Spray Lets You Shine

A resourceful method on how to polish artificial jewellery at home is trying enamel sprays. Try spraying your Artificial jewellery with a clear gloss coat of enamel spray. This is the equivalent of coating your goods with spray enamel, which gives them a uniform shine and ensures that the metal won't oxidize quickly. Take few unwanted papers and place it on a table/floor. Place your jewel on it. Shake the can of enamel and hold it about six inches away. Spray it  in short bursts until everything is covered uniformly. Do not overspray, as a light passing over is enough. Make sure the stones are covered with tape. Also, be sure to spray the backs of your jewellery.

cleaning jewel how to polish artificial jewellery at home


Jewellery being a pricey possession will always need a few quick works to keep it lustrous. Try these methods and keep your jewel life longer. We at Happy pique, care for you, your jewels and your happiness with our quick guides to help you with jewellery maintenance, We hope this guide on how to polish artificial jewellery at home would have been extremely helpful. If you have any further questions, drop us a comment below and we will be pleased to answer that.

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