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Jewellery Care Guide - Storage and Cleaning

After spending a huge amount on expensive necklaces and luxury statement jewellery, it makes sense to get the most out of them. Be it fashion jewellery or precious jewellery, taking care of how you store them can ensure they last long. So we have compiled all the needed on our Jewellery Care Guide for you!

Here are 6 tips to care of your imitation/fashion/artificial jewellery and how to store them properly on our Jewellery Care Guide.

1. Clean and dry your jewellery before storing them.

Jewellery Care Guide

2. Avoid wearing delicate jewellery daily. Here's why:

Jewellery Care Guide

3. Preserve your jewellery properly and store them correctly.

Jewellery Care Guide

4. Do not mix different types of jewellery and store them.

Jewellery Care Guide

5. Clean your jewellery before storing.

6. Wear your jewellery at the last.

Jewellery Care Guide

Hope this post "Jewellery Care Guide" was useful and informative. Drop your comments and thoughts below :)

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