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Kannagi - A Love Tale

Hello all!

Hope you all had a fantastic Diwali this year bursting lesser crackers and lighting more lights. Yes, we could see a drastic difference with today's generation. They themselves are so conscious about protecting the environment they live in. Thats really a good change! 

Okay, coming to talk about the post, we are sure you must all have heard about the 'Silapathigaram' famous lady, Kannagi. To be clear; the lady who burnt down Madurai city because of her anger. Whenever we try to talk about Kannagi, or read about her, we only talk about the sad side of her life. The angry side of her. But why did many fail to talk about how happily she lived with her husband Kovalan ? 


Kannagi was the daughter of a wealthy merchant in the city of Kaveripattinam, which is now known as Poompuhar. Once Kannagi attained her marriageable age, she was married to a young and wealthy merchant named Kovalan. They were leading a very happy and a content life. Kovalan used to go on trips to do his trade and was very successful in his business. Thus, they lead a very prosperous, happy and a peaceful life until he met Madhavi, who was a beautiful dancer in the court o the king, Karikala Chozhan. He fell in love with her dance and gradually fell in love with her and started living with her, forgetting that he already had a wife waiting for him, who was very true and gave all of her only to him. This is how Kannagi's life took a change. We did a small photography project to depict the happy side of her and to show how beautiful she looked when she was leading a prosperous and peaceful life with her husband. 

What does love mean to you when you face infidelity? Does it go away or will you fight for the love of your life in every way? She was a tormented soul with a brave heart. She fought for her love even when he had lost his path. She fought for the love they used to share, she fought for justice even when she was in despair. The story of Kannagi, a vision in black, a gory love tale from the past.

The Concept Explained

Kannagi a woman whose name resonates deeply in the hearts of South Indians. A brilliant woman with the wit to outsmart even the most cunning of hearts, she was a woman with strong beliefs. To have a woman like her as a wife, is truly a blessing. Even though Kovalan her husband, was not loyal when he came back she took him back with arms wide open. Her love was so deep and so true and her story of vengeance is something that actually brought a city down. She was strong at heart, fearless and believed in justice and she sought after it without cowering after her husband’s unjust execution. Even though it was a heart wrenching tragedy, according to common folk lore she stated to have burnt down Madurai but wanted the flames to spare children, innocent women and cows. She was not just a picture of righteousness, she is also everything a woman ought to be. She knew he cheated, but she knew she had to fight for her love, she knew she had to fight for what’s right and she confronted the Pandiyan King unarmed. We would like to show you the side of Kannagi for all the enthralling and enchanting beauty she had bestowed upon her by the gods. The kind that is nothing short of bewitching, the kind we hear of in songs. She was a queen in her very own way, one with a burning fire in heart literally. These pictures are an ode to the beauty who burnt down Madurai for the injustice done to her one true love.

Check out the pictures we clicked having 'Kannagi' in our mind :) Don't forget to drop in your thoughts below in the comment section. 





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