things to Learn before you Shop Bangles online

Things to Know before you Shop Bangles online

A Piece of Ornament or Jewellery is more attractive than an expensive gadget. You can always observe the way it is manufactured will convey a tale. That story might be personal or it could be a story that extends back thousands of years. Take, for example, bangles.

Bangles is a bracelet intended into a rigid circular form and have an affluent and colourful past. They were discovered in the ruins of the historic Mauryan Empire of India and are still worn by females in our country as part of major cultural customs. Typically gifted to women on their wedding day, they will be worn to symbolise the husband's long life and to indicate success and prosperity for the newlyweds. Even they are worn as an everyday ornament by girls. Shop bangles online from Happy Pique today.

Why Bangles?

A bangle is one of the foremost important ornaments that an Indian girl wears. Bangles have a unique meaning for married women since they represent their marriage. Bangles have continually been an inseparable element of Indian culture. It's no surprise that bangles appear in so many of our films and folk tunes. Allow us to show you what makes Happy Pique’s bangles such an important element of Indian culture.

Bangles and Bride

Bangles are traditionally a component of Indian brides' Solah Sringar, know more about Solah Sringar, Click Here! Bangles are piece of jewellery made of glass, gold, or other metals are required for newlywed brides and would-be brides to wear since they represent the husband's long life. They represent good fortune and wealth. You can find this custom in every North Indian Marriages. Traditionally, shattering the bridal glass or animal product bangles is considered unlucky.

Shopping Bangles online have become much trendier in recent years to match a more modern style, yet they are still as important as they were centuries before. Bangles with intricate patterns give them a stylish aspect, but circular glass or metal bangles are the most preferred for ancient ceremonies. People vary greatly in adorning it in a variety of ways. States in the nation decide on them under various cultures. But they have equal importance in Indian wedding tradition, nevertheless the geographical boundaries.

Traditional Value of Bangles

Gold is considered particularly auspicious in the southern states. In certain societies, brides wear naive coloured glass bangles with gold ones, because the colour Bangles represent fertility and prosperity.

A new bride in Bengal wears a gastropod shell bangle and a red coral bangle, which are called shakha and pola in Bengali. Except for this, the relative-in-law presents her with a gold-plated iron bangle as soon as she joins her new family. When comes to Bengali girls, prefer to wear gold bangles. 

Girls from other cultures, on the other hand, prefer to wear glass or gold bangles or a combination of the two. Bangles are now popular all over the world because of their different styles and fashionable patterns. We at Happy Pique have take the traditional value and made it easier to shop bangles online with wide variety of designs with intricate detailing.

Although plastic bangles started gradually replacing glass-made bangles, yet are still used on ancient occasions such as festivals and marriages. Girls wear them in pairs or one on each arm many times. Women and even married females prefer to wear lovely bangles on their right arm and a watch on their left.

Historical Importance of Bangles

Bangles and Artificial Jewellery were not always made in gold or other precious metals. Bangles were even created from copper, shell, and terracotta, according to discoveries at Mohenjo-Daro. They were originally painted in black or red patterns and were worn by both men and women. Over the years, it has been widely assumed that wearing bangles aids with blood circulation.

Bangles and Colours

Historically, different coloured bangles indicate separate things in Indian culture. Red represents power and fortune, whilst green represents sensible luck and fertility. Yellow bangles represent happiness, white bangles represent fresh beginnings, and orange bangles represent achievement. Silver bangles represent strength, but gold bangles represent riches and success.

Bangles do not appear to be ordinary accessories for Indian girls. Shopping Bangles Online are popular among Indian women. When getting married, it's customary to wear bangles for good health, luck, and wealth. bangles are a popular jewellery among Indian women. They are a manifestation of their individuality.


We at Happy Pique offer numerous lovely bangles that put a modern, stylish spin on an old accent. We like how simple and adaptable these Bangles are. You may keep it light by carrying simply one or go bold by stacking many bangles and matching them with other things in your collection, such as bracelets or watches.

So, the next time you treat yourself or someone you care about to, You can shop bangles online from Happy Pique and gift them these exquisite piece of Artificial jewellery, you may be participating in a century-old custom. Or perhaps you're starting your tradition by commemorating key occasions with a certain kind of jewellery. Bangles will be a fantastic way to portray the tales in your life, regardless of the occasion.

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