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What is American Diamond Jewellery?

In recent times, Artificial Jewellery brands are very often mentioning ”AD Stones” “American diamond Jewellery” “CZ stones”, if you have ever wondered what they are! This article is for you

What are AD/CZ stones?

AD is American Diamond Jewellery and CZ is Cubic Zirconia Stone. Both are the Same crystal stone which is used as a low-cost alternative for diamonds but looks the same.

How is AD/ CZ stone made?

Cubic Zirconia diamonds are created by combining powdered zirconium and zirconium dioxide and heating them to 4,982 F. It is technically Zirconium Oxide, and it is crystalline for usage in jewellery. So understand they are not natural Stones mined from underneath Grounds. They are the stones used in American diamond Jewellery/AD jewellery...

Why Should I Buy CZ/AD stones rather than diamonds?

  1. Price

While Diamond is a rare earth material and the process to obtain it is hard and long, it is very expensive. Added to it is the jewellery making cost and when you are trying to purchase them you may make a hole in your pocket. But CZ/ American diamond Jewellery are cultured in Labs, hence it will easily be manufactured in huge quantities and even machined easily. This reduces its price drastically.

  1. Strength

Though Diamond Is said to be the strongest material on earth, CZ/AD are also hard and much superior to other ‘glass’ stones used. They can survive the high temperatures required in the fabrication of American diamond Jewellery / Cubic Zirconia jewellery. They are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 750 degrees Celsius without damaging the stone's lustre and brilliance. This makes it one of the strongest materials to use in daily life.

  1. Availability

While Diamonds are precious they cant be made into very complex shapes, hence you may have limited designs compared to the American diamond Jewellery as they are easy to cut and cheaper, they are moulded to any designs. This results in more choice of American Diamond Jewellery.


If you are still confused to buy American diamond Jewellery, they are tough, colourless, hard and their perfect nature makes your jewel look like diamond jewellery. You will surely see its beauty and toughness as you use it in your daily life...

It will last as long as you take care of it well and we have an article to help you with that.

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