what is kemp jewellery

What is Kemp Jewellery? Why should you have it?

Ever thought of knowing what is kemp jewellery exactly? Maybe not, I too had bought kemp jewellery for a long but didn't learn what they are and their significance! 

After good research on Kemp jewellery, I am bringing you the truth about kemp jewellery and how they have evolved today, I'll even list why you should buy it!

What is Kemp Jewellery?

Kemp jewellery is a collection of ancient jewellery inspired by the sculptures and deities found in south Indian temples. The majority of these pieces of jewellery are made in the shape of gods and goddesses.

In Few Indian languages, the word 'kemp' denotes red. As a result, temple jewellery adorned with kemp stones frequently featured red-coloured polished stones. Gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, pearls, diamonds, and imitation stones of various colours adorn the kemp jewellery ornaments.

Evolution Of Kemp Jewellery

Created as an ornament for the royals of South India, who later donated them to temples, the designs soon became a vital element of the South Indian lady's bridal jewellery wardrobe as temple dancers began to wear them. As a result, these are also known as Temple Jewellery or Dance Jewellery, as they are still widely used by Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers.

Kemp Jewellery was made of a gold base with Red stones fit into them, they were calledVadasery Jewellery”, They were made completely with intricate hand detailing works.

Figures of goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, peacock, swan, mango, flowers, and serpents appeared in the majority of these jewellery designs. These decorations are made of gold, silver, and alloys of both metals. They're made in a variety of contemporary patterns and styles. 

But as time progressed it become more accessible with copper and brass becoming a replacement for gold. Kemp Jewellery was made with copper and brass base and now it is very much affordable with the same details and works on it.

Why should you buy it!

1. It is now available in lots of unique designs to choose from

2. It looks grandeur with traditional dress, making you look gorgeous

3.It adds variety to your jewel box

4.It is Super affordable at any price range.


If You have not tried any kemp jewellery till now, sorry to say! You are missing some Awesome Jewellery in your wardrobe. It is one of the varieties available today depicting the traditional jewellery making with Elegant Designs.

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