Why Artificial Jewellery is Trending in 2022

Why Artificial Jewellery is Trending in 2022

As the world experiences a global internet outrage as a result of COVID-19, people and businesses have discovered a definition of the "new normal" to earn, live and shop. As a result, the 'new normal' has set the basis for trends that will influence the artificial jewellery business in the years ahead, beginning in 2022.

Let's see the reasons for this change of trend towards artificial jewellery and their advantages of them in this story

Reasons for Artificial Jewellery Growth

  1. Huge Economic Hit

With the arrival of COVID-19 at an unexpected time, none of the countries or citizens of the world was prepared with a backup plan for their spending during lockdowns and post-recovery. This struck as a huge disaster as businesses started to fail, money values dropped and so did the salaries or jobs of a lot of families. But the Precious Jewelleries of Gold, Diamond didn’t see much fall in the prices.

This created a gap between the buyer purchasing power and the real cost as it was really hard for a family to manage through the pandemic days, so they got an intent to purchase in-expensive artificial jewellery.

  1. A Perfect Alternative

When people were thinking of some inexpensive alternatives for gold jewellery, the jewellery makers used the opportunity to create replicated designs of expensive gold jewellery with affordable strong metals like brass, copper. This gave that jewellery a perfect lustrous finishing which looked perfect and was mainly very affordable to purchase. This was the birth of artificial jewellery

  1. Artificial Jewellery Growth

When people started noticing the varieties in artificial jewellery, they got two kinds of ideas. Gold became more of an investment property while their alternatives became the trending fashion statements.

Artificial jewellery exists from the early 20s, it was very popular with the average income families as they were not much into gold. But this pandemic has let a lot of eyes notice the benefits of this artificial jewellery and so their purchases grew over 200% across channels. With a sharp rise in demand for this Artificial jewellery, hundreds of online shops started selling these.

But was all the jewellery exactly as people expected! No, it was Not, Many sellers started producing poor quality jewels to rate it as low as they can to use the purchasing advantage. It is not very hard to find those kinds of Sellers, you could just differentiate them with their reviews, jewel varieties and the brand value

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Advantages of Artificial Jewellery


Why Artificial Jewellery is Trending in 2022


  1. They are priced between Rs.500 – Rs. 5000 depending on the design while the gold starts at Rs. 5000+

  2. 1000s of Designs available to choose from at your fingertips
  3. It is versatile and will have good longevity

  4. It is exactly like gold jewels, so your beauty is always top-notch with artificial jewellery

  5. You can easily purchase them and get them to you in the comfort of your home

  6. It is always updated with new trends, so you will never stay out of trend


Why Artificial Jewellery is Trending in 2022



Artificial Jewellery has made a mark with the onset of the pandemic and is expected to grow further in the decades to come. Women have become money conscious and these jewels are giving them the value as well as the look they need. Though Gold will have its share in the market, these artificial jewels will too have their fans and you may become one of them

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