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Live Your Bollywood Dream With This Artificial Jewellery Chennai Brand

Author:  Mrinalini Sundar


Live your Bollywood dream with Happy Pique, a Artificial Jewellery Chennai label that has handloom sarees, artificial jewellery and its accessories. 

What Makes It Awesome

Always wanted to wear a beautiful saree and walk amidst lush green fields like a Bollywood heroine? We know what you feel. Rather, Happy Pique, started by Akshaya K knows the feeling. She started her business two years ago and added several brands to her label starting with curated handlooms and accessories that come with a curated touch.

Browse through their Artificial Jewellery Chennai products and you are sure to fall in love with their German silver jewellery, designer and statement earrings, kemp and traditional jewellery. They also have handlooms for women, such as sarees, skirts, palazzos, kurtas, overcoats, and fabrics. Their sarees come in different styles like kalamkari, shibori, indigo, khesh cotton, Chettinad cotton, gamcha, and patchwork applique sarees.

Each saree from their collection is directly sourced straight from manufacturers, to know more about the fabric and make of the saree. Khesh, gamcha, and applique sarees are sourced from West Bengal. Shibori, indigo, and Kota sarees are from Rajasthan, Jaipur and kalamkari sarees from Andhra Pradesh. Coming to the Artificial Jewellery Chennai brand, most of them are in copper and brass. 

They have recently added kemp jewellery to their list and are also taking orders for customising them. Most of the jewellery is also sourced from local kaarigars and is perfectly designed with local sensibilities. They also have a recently released Bollywood collection which is in cotton and silk. Most sarees come with a running blouse. If you are looking for mix and match, they will help you get the perfect match.  Artificial Jewellery Chennai


Their products range from INR 100 which includes both handlooms and accessories. They have also added cute mini cards as add-ons which costs INR 25 only.  They regularly take part in pop-ups, wait until they announce their next!

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