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Pique /piːk/ means curiosity or interest. The name Happy Pique means happily started out of curiosity and interest. Happy Pique describes itself in three words: India. Tradition. Fashion.


I am Akshaya. Here's a small story on how was Happy Pique started. It is all about the exciting idea you strongly believe in! That is how Happy Pique was started. Happy Pique was first named as Pique and started with no proper business plans and support. I strongly believed in my idea of starting up a business with women accessories and took a brave step forward. It took a lot of time convincing my parents and friends who are my supporting team members now  Feeling very happy to say that. I just wanted to see a big Happy smile on my customers' face and I am regularly working towards it. It is my all-time thought bringing in the best and unique accessories and handlooms for the customers who visit Happy Pique. Happy Pique products are hand-picked and curated as I always want my customers' shopping experience with Happy Pique to be the best one.

As a startup business Happy Pique required initial fund requirement for which I had not planned as I was just doing my UG. I was blank and had no idea about investments and starting up the business in a well-planned manner. All I wanted to do was start a business. I had lots of confusions, ideas and questions in my mind. With the help of my parents and friends I was able to meet the unplanned, sudden financial requirements in the initial stage. Happy Pique got to stabilise very very very slowly in its fund requirements as I joined a job in the corporate sector. I was working with Amazon for nearly nine months. I couldn't concentrate and balance both my job and my business. As my ideas were unpredictable  and was getting better day by day, I wasn't satisfied with the works of Freelancers I chose to work on my website. So, I had to put my full-time on building my website as per my wish and ideas. I have to tell you that I totally spent nearly two months to complete my website and feel okay. I am not a person who gets satisfied easily. I had to read lots and lots of blogs, learn basic coding, as I was a commerce student. Then each day I found betterment in my website and had to quit my job to concentrate fully on my business. To be very honest, it took so much time to reach people. I had no idea how to reach people in the initial stages. Creating a Facebook page, following people in Instagram, posting statuses was all I knew. I did them with confidence. Slowly I was identified as a women entrepreneur among my friends and family. That made me feel proud and that support and motivation is what keeps me going. A huge part of where Happy Pique today is driven by the mantras #stayunique & #stayhappy where we strive hard to bring the most curated products that makes the customer wearing it more unique. Happy Pique is my dream and that is what I live for. Happy Pique is Happily Piqued.

The journey as a women entrepreneur is very tough & challenging without having a strong support system, but you get to grow as your business grows.




The customers who purchased with Happy Pique were so motivating, sweet and kind till date. There were days when we couldn't deliver the package on time and giving delayed replies. Customers understood our problems and were so patient and kind. Without their support and motivation we would have not reached here typing this! I have always wondered what brings our customers back to us. The simple answer from a very sweet customer was, the fast deliveries, the care we take in packing and the happy smile and satisfaction she had after shopping with us. When I have this kind of customers why wouldn't I stay motivated all the time?

Happy pique wholeheartedly thanks each and every beautiful soul. You are the reason for my big HAPPY smiles. I promise to give you the same. You're also the very reason I could expand my product range from fashion to clothing. Yes, starting with only accessories, we have made it to clothing, mainly hand looms now. I have always wanted to support the weavers and artisans of India. The hand looms that Happy Pique found are the super interesting hand looms from various parts of India and from the beautifully talented weavers of India. I once again thank all who have supported us and the reason for our big happy smiles

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