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How To Manage Stress During Crisis


Hello Happy Pique Family,

We are all sailing in the same boat and I know how it feels to be at home 24x7. This is the situation worldwide and we are all in this together. Leaving all the negatives behind, how can we make this lockdown/quarantine period useful? Here are my few useful tips to make your stay at home time productive and useful :)

1. Your body is your temple, take care of it.

We have got enough time and much needed break now. Let's make use of this time to get fit and practice it. Let's make it a habit to stay healthy. People who are already practicing exercise, yoga, meditation; you can help your family members, friends and your loved ones to practice the same. Because, health is wealth. 


2. Talk To People

It is normal to feel lonely, stressed and depressed during a time like this. We can overcome this by talking to people we trust. Talking to people who will listen to you. Make a phone call or video call to your family and friends. Make your connections stronger during these times.



3. Make Yourself Time To Enjoy Something You Love

Let it be listening to your favourite music, playing games, watching your favourite series or movies. It can be anything. Make sure you make time for yourself to enjoy.


4. Enough Of News!!

Too much of anything is bad. Watching news to stay updated is okay. But during a time like this, too much of news will trigger your anxiety and fear. Let's just get updated with the news once per day and stay away from all the news channels. Try to concentrate on something else. Cleaning your home, gardening, organising your workspace, anything. 

5. We Are All In This Together!

The situation is overwhelming. We are all hoping for the situation to come under control and waiting for our lives to be back to normal. But taking care of ourselves will help us and our community to stay strong.


When we leave behind all the negativity and see the positive side, our mother earth is healing herself. The birds and animals are enjoying their space. Yes; we took over their homes, we destroyed their freedom. Let them enjoy this world.

Above all, nature herself is asking us to spend some time with our family. Spend time for ourselves. We are all running behind something. But what are we running for? Let's pause. Let's enjoy this time. Let's go with the flow as we cannot change the law of nature. 

Finally, let us all pray for the souls that left this world because of COVID-19 to rest in peace. Let's pray together for the situation to come under control sooner. Let's thank our real super heroes by staying at home and letting therm do their duties peacefully. #LetsFightThisCoronaTogether

Comment below, how you are making use of this quarantine/lockdown period. You can also share your favourite movies, series, playlist that will help our readers to explore and enjoy :)

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