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Return Gifts For All Seasons

Hi Everybody,

Happy Pique is thrilled and excited to be back in business after a long gap because of COVID-19 lock down. While we are back, I would like to do an informative post on how we cater return gift service.

India is a country where we celebrate so many festivals. We will be having so many guests for each festival. Most of us are used to gifting in return to all our invitees. Return gifts are given out to guests towards the end of celebrations to express gratitude for their presence.

Some major festivals and celebrations like Marriages, Navratri, Bharatanatyam Arangetram, Christmas, baby showers, birthday parties, Diwali etc., call for some beautiful return gifts which make the giver happy more than the receiver usually. Because, there goes a long process of finding the right products under the right budget, packing it nicely for our guests and giving them these small packages of happiness when they visit our homes to spread joy.

Joy of giving is practiced in this way in India which in my opinion is a wonderful gesture. So, coming to the return gifts, what do people generally choose to give as return gifts?

Return gifts mostly consist of budgeted jewellery for kids and adults, color color rubber bands, hair bands for the small ones, kumkum boxes with comb, mirror and set, small beautiful baskets, sarees or any useful boxes/vessel/utensil. To be honest anything useful. There's no rule that only particular items should be given as return gifts.

So, how does Happy Pique help here?

We can help you with jewellery, accessory part when you choose them to be given as your return gifts. As, you know we are into traditional jewellery for more than 4 years now. We help our customers choose beautiful jewellery/accessories, sarees for their return gifts purpose.

What should you do to avail this service?

Very simple. Please drop us an email to or WhatsApp us on +91-7338933580 with the details such as:

  • Number of units required (jewellery/accessories such as hair bands, rubber bands, artificial flowers)
  • Your budget
  • Date when the package is required

Any Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)?

Yes. We have a very easy MOQ. Any product that is chosen as a return gift is to be ordered minimum of 5 units. Special packaging is also done on request as per customer's wish.

Attaching a few of our favourite Navratri, Christmas, Baby Shower return gift orders <3


So, ready to place your return gifts orders with us?

Why wait? Email us right away or message us by clicking the button below :)








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