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What's your pick for this Onam ?

Hello Guys!!!

Onam is around the corner. People have already started preparing up for the big Onam Day. When it comes to festive season, we all know how exciting it is to get dressed up. Onam is one of the biggest festivals of Kerala, and for Malayalis all around the world. It is signified by ten days of festivities and carnivals in Kerala. The festival signifies and celebrates the homecoming of their king, “Mahabali”. 

The traditional dressing style of Kerala, the creamy white or golden colour clothes is simple yet exquisite dressing style of which we personally love a lot! Most of the traditional jewellery go with this style of dressing and we are here to showcase how one of our favourite bloggers, Subhiksha Venkat styled our exquisite 6 layer pearl kundan choker with her simple Kerala saree. 

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think :)






Flaunt our gorgeous kundan choker this festive season and make heads turn. Don't forget to share your happy pictures with us! Also, don't forget to comment your thoughts below.

 Happy Pique wishes everyone a happy Onam and a very happy festive season ahead!

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Happy YOU :)

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