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  • Featured on WOI

    Whatever it may be, give your best and leave the rest to God. Don’t compromise on quality. Whatever product you may deal with, quantity will speak only for a lesser time. Quality will remain forever! There’s nothing wrong if your growth is slow. Let it be steady. There will surely be few people happy for you and your work. Don’t forget them!

  • Live Your Bollywood Dream With This Chennai Label

    Always wanted to wear a beautiful saree and walk amidst lush green fields like a Bollywood heroine? We know what you feel. Rather, Happy Pique, started by Akshaya K knows the feeling. She started her business two years ago and added several brands to her label starting with curated handlooms and accessories that come with a curated touch.
  • Young Achiever - Miss Akshaya, founder of Happy Pique featured in a local newspaper

    "My parents were apprehensive about my store. They even suspected that the money I invested would go waste. However, things turned out to be good and today all is good"