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Why Happy Pique is Best to Buy Artificial Jewellery Online

Jewellery is the most precious treasure each woman love to have in their closet. With the evolution of humans, we have used different metals of nature to make our jewels. Gold, Diamond, Platinum were one of the Priceless metals we have this day. But not every woman has a strong desire over the expensive jewels made out of those. This marked the birth of Artificial Jewellery / Fashion Jewellery / Imitation Jewellery.

But this artificial jewellery saw a sharp rise in demand as the internet grew stronger. It gave women the power to choose and buy artificial jewellery online without any hassle. We at Happy Pique saw the shortcomings and quality of the jewellery the internet had for these lovely ladies and decided to bring in the Best artificial jewellery to buy from across the east, west, south and north of India and a few designs from around the globe.

Birth of Happy Pique

In the Year 2015, Our Founder Mrs Akshaya being a fan of artificial jewellery got frustrated to see either the expensive price when she buy artificial jewellery online or the poor quality of the jewellery either made or damaged. This made her rethink this space and she planned to get her lovely women premium quality imitation jewellery at the best price. This led to the launch of “Happy Pique” in 2016. She had only one goal “Quality Matters than Quantity” and this has been the full-on principle followed behind every product you find from Happy pique.

On our birth, she has decided a few important reasons for the creation of this brand and you are going to read about those below!

13 Reasons Why Happy Pique is Best to Buy Artificial Jewellery Online

1. Quality Matters

When we plan to buy artificial jewellery online, we have two main concerns, it is the price and the design of the jewellery. When we see an expensive piece of Artificial jewellery, we may admire it but may skip to cheaper options. On the other hand, when we look at cheaper options, it may be economical but their finishes would not be satisfying. There was a hidden player in between these two worlds of Price and Design. It is the Quality. When People saw the Quality of jewellery, they were ready to pay a good amount of money rather than cheap jewellery which just helped for an immediate need.

We took the Equation: Quality + Design + Best Price = Satisfaction + Loyalty

This thought wasn’t reaching or noticed by many, but slowly helped us gain customers across cities, states and now we are nationally recognized for our motto “Quality Matters”

2. Jewels last longer

We have always loved that one jewellery design that is no longer with us. After Paying a good sum of money to buy artificial jewellery online, if it goes off quickly, Sorry! We know your Pain😐. It may either have gone due to poor maintenance or the bad quality of the Jewellery. This alarmed us to create and sell jewels that require minimal maintenance but can last longer for you to enjoy them on yourself.

Jewels last longer happy pique

With our Artificial Jewellery collections, you could choose any jewellery with no doubts as we have picked each piece with utmost care for it to last longer.

We have our guide on “Common Artificial jewelry mistakes to avoid”, a must piece for you to easily have your jewel for a long time.

3. Price

When we search to buy artificial jewellery online, we may find multiple stores selling all kinds of artificial jewellery in different price ranges, they will be selling the same pieces in two price ranges! One with a better presentation on a costly section, another with no presentation on the other section. Your eyes may trick you to buy the costlier one, but you are getting the same piece.

We found these double standard tricks across multiple sites and we thought to fix it with the “One price No Rise” Model, we fix all our jewellery prices with their making charges, design complexity charges and the small margin over it to run the show. We don’t have a less priced section so as not to confuse people on their decision and make them buy the higher one. We give them the Exact Jewellery on display for the same price at our Price tag.

4. Variety

We are focused on the Variety of our jewellery designs. Mrs Akshaya has always wished to show Indian culture to all its people. so, we pick a variety of palettes from various states and present them to you for you to comfortably buy Artificial Jewellery online. Check out our latest collections here!

variety artificial jewellery

With our efforts, we have been successfully spreading the cultural knowledge with different jewellery we have. In recent years, we have also found the inclination for unique patterns or non-repetitive designs on every jewellery someone buys, hence we have focused on the utmost details to ensure no repetition of similar designs or jewellery should be present and our quality team has been looking out the newer designs and trends to bring in to our customers.

5. Return Policy

Giant eCommerce sites have made return policy very lucrative as many businesses started using the loophole to sell their poorly made items and not accept the returns stating some improper reasons.

We at Happy Pique has always understood the requirement of a customer and the Expectation of a customer while they buy artificial jewellery online. So, we have laid out a Genuine Return policy where you can send us back the product if you have a video of opening the package and the damage or missing or misplaced product is shown on a single video. We are still a small business, so we had to do with this Strict policy, you can read more on our Refund and Return policy here!

6. Multiple Payment Options

With Digital India Initiative, People have started paying mostly through UPI. We have taken this to buy artificial jewellery online and incorporated all the payment platforms such as Paytm, Google Pay, PayPal, Ola Money, Mobi Kwik, Free charge or the Card operators such as Visa, Amex, Mastercard and Ru Pay. We also have online banking options for your ease and most of our options come with 0 to No convenience fee.

7. Flexible Shipping Options

When you buy artificial jewellery online from across websites, you may be facing hefty delivery charges for inland shipping! Don’t worry, we will take care of those for you!

When You purchase our Products above Rs.1200 we provide free Standard Delivery options, which will reach you in 3-10 days depending on the distance from Chennai. We do have other Premium delivery options of lesser delivery time and you can see those options while checkout your order. It will give the exact amount you may need to pay for Express Delivery options. But Don’t worry, our Standard Deliveries are mostly quick as Minnal Murali😊

For International orders who wish to buy artificial jewellery online, we don’t have free deliveries as they are highly-priced intensive, so when purchasing internationally, we suggest people purchase in bulk so that their delivery charges are reduced considerably. Whatever amount we get as delivery charges, We don’t charge any profit from those, it is completely spent on their delivery arrangements.

Any more doubts on our shipping and handling, click here!

8. Exciting Offers

Offers, Discounts are the most favourite words in the Online shopping world. We would love to extend it to the lovely women who need to buy artificial jewellery online on our site. We run offers for a brief period for all the major festivals of India such as Diwali, Pongal or Makara Sankranti, New Year, Christmas, Diwali, Akshaya Tritiya and what more… We have offered running almost 200+ days in a year. So, we have your favourite offers mostly and you can find what are the running discounts or offers on our main page on entering.

9. Reviews of Our Customers

Happy Pique has always delivered their word and kept its motto to 100%, this has led to 1000s of happy customers giving us tons of love through their positive words and we have it as a collection on our Feedback page and you can even read our reviews on our Google Reviews. We have always strived to give the best experience for customers who wished to buy artificial jewellery online and with more and more such customers every day, we always like the way they send us their positiveness making us work for more such wishes.

reviews of our customers

We were even given a shoutout from LBB, Check it out!

10. Customer Support

Mrs Akshaya and the team are always on their toes to help you sort out whatever concerns, doubts, enquiries you get while your buy artificial jewellery online. They are very supportive and friendly. We have never had a bad day to date as both our representatives and customer have gone hand in hand and given a pleasant experience.

If you can take self help from our FAQ, Click here

We mostly reply to any queries or emails in 24 - 48 working hours, if we have missed any of the queries you can mail us back! But it won’t be needed as we have had 0 reply mails for queries till now😊

11. Confidence in Ourselves

Being a woman-led brand, Happy pique takes pride in saying “It is by a woman for all those beautiful women out there”. With all her actions she has kept the perspective of a common woman, their needs, their abilities and power of decisions when they wish to buy artificial jewellery online and we have kept all these factors on our watch to decide on the price, so every woman should be able to buy from us without any reasons or second thoughts.

Confidence in our self happy pique

12. Best in Business

Comparing jewellery online is the greatest way to find the best business. When we buy Artificial Jewellery locally, there are very limited sets to compare for our suitability, size, or colour, but when we buy Artificial Jewellery online, we can check every feature of the jewellery across numerous locations. This allows us to identify a strong jewellery brand from a low-quality one.

We are very challenging at this part, you can compare our jewellery quality with any other brand out there and give us a better one with the same designs and patterns, we will take it for you😐

13. Not Just Jewellery

Everything said on benefits when you buy artificial jewellery online from Happy Pique, but there is another side of Happy Pique, we wish you should Know!

As Mrs Akshaya’s dream, Happy Pique has ventured into Saree space, but not the regular sarees which are made yesterday on a roller and die tomorrow. She has always wanted to promote handmade products.

Hence, we found Indian handloom sarees from various states and started selling them to you. We have a wide variety of saree ranges such as Khadi cotton sarees, Khesh saree, Chettinad cotton saree, linen saree, block printed sarees. We assure you they are 100% Handmade as we have done our part of the research for you. To know more about our handloom sarees, Click here!


Happy Pique, from its inception, has always been on its toe to deliver excellence to all its customer and has been successful for almost 5+ years now. We have gained a good number of loyal customers to our brand online and have seen a good movement of our jewels and sarees at a few offline events too. We have been continuously rated high for our Handloom sarees and Jewellery designs and we are committed to continuing this for more years to come. With all the reasons above we consider ourselves to be the best to buy artificial jewellery online and we hope you will surely agree to us too!

Today’s world is moving towards gender neutrality in which supporting a woman entrepreneur is one important step, we are very happy to see the continuous love and support showered over us in the past and will be waiting for those in the coming days. We would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts about us in the comment section, this could help us improve to provide a better experience in the coming days   

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