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Happy Pique

Flexible Double Rose Bridal Hair Bun Artificial Flower Accessory - Blue

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₹ 110.00 INR

Artificial flower jewellery/accessory for bridal hair bun. They are also known as gajras in India. Artificial gajras are beautiful accessories to decorate your hair.

  • Specially made for traditional occasions
  • Used for buns & braids
  • Can be re used
  • Easily goes with long and short hair.

In India, flowers are traditionally worn by women around their hair bun to adorn their crowning glory. Women wear flowers for festivals, weddings and sometimes even as part of regular attire. 

These artificial flower accessories make it easy to adorn your hair and are also easy to travel with. 

It is crafted on a soft, flexible copper wire base with a tying rope at the end for convenient wearing.